@ Atelier in 2020, Copenhagen, DK - PHOTO: Nikolaj Thanning

I am a visual artist and a passionate writer on the politics, ethics and theory of art.

My writing has been published in Kunsten.nu, Dagbladet Information, Politiken, Weekendavisen, Jyllands-Posten, Magasinet Kunst, Chart Publication, Kulturmonitor, Børsen Pleasure.

My writing maps new perspectives and explore a new land of the future, in which diversity, the history of gender and gender fluidity are a matter of course. My aim is to shed light on issues that have been hidden away in history, and outline gender issues in art history using cases from exhibitions, new foundations, films, libraries and publications. I also discuss the political backbone and virtues of our times in relation to the political and institutional practices of contemporary art and, in a broader context, anything that makes my heart miss a beat.

Augusta Atla initiated the @womenpainters instagram profile. Women Painters is a non-profit, education-oriented instagram profile @womenpainters aimed at increasing awareness among art industry professionals of the high quality work that women artists create. The main mission is to catalyse gender equality in contemporary art now.

The profile is very much inspired by my muse Reese Witherspoon who founded Hello Sunshine – a media company that puts women at the centre of every story they create and celebrate.

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Most people regard Scandinavia as a haven for equality, but art museum history and art museum practice is still deeply misogynistic in Denmark.
My commitment to diversity and equality reflects my profound interest in history and my constant reflections on humanity's moral compass. Since my childhood I had a strong desire to put an end to art history and theory being understood only in a patriarchic perspective and machinery. Ultimately to stop discrimination based on gender and to expand the field of art history and theory. This interest was further fuelled by my excellent education at Goldsmiths in London and their specialist library: The Women's Art Library

In 2019 I came up with the idea of an issue of Magasinet Kunst devoted to women artists and gender issues. I was co-editor on this special women in the arts-edition in 2021.
In 2020, prompted by the lack of equality in the Danish art scene, I initiated a regular series of conversations with key people – people who are working to create real change vis-à-vis gender equality among artists. In 2020 I interviewed the art collector and patron Valeria Napoleone, and the interview was published in Magasinet Kunst, CHART Publication and Børsen.
In 2021 I interviewed Camille Morineau, an acclaimed curator and art historian, on the subject of gender equality in the world of art. In 2009-2011, Camille Morineau devised and curated the pioneering exhibition Elles@centrepompidou at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. She is also the co-founder and director of AWARE, a non-profit organisation, research centre and archiving platform that promotes work by women artists. The interview was published in the WOMEN in ART-edition of Magasinet Kunst in 2021.
In 2022 I interviewed the Minister of Culture in Denmark on diversity in the world of visual arts in Denmark.
In 2023 I have monthly column on diversity and gender issues in the world of art.

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Writing about anything that makes my heart miss a beat.


Augusta Atla is a visual artist and a passionate art critic and writer on gender issues and the politics of art in art history and in the contemporary art scene.